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Marina Mayakina -

The translator, the singer, the co-creator of the site

  My name is Marina Mayakina. I am 21. In June 2002 I graduated from Ivanovo State University, the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology. I study languages mostly English. My professional life and career is connected with teaching and translating (interpreting). In 1996 I became a participant of SLP program, organized by Project Harmony. We stayed with our host families in the state of North Carolina (Rutherfordton) and spent lots of unforgettable moments with them studying, communicating, giving concerts and having good time. This trip changed my life and helped me to decide easily what I was going to do then, I mean my profession. But the connections with Project Harmony were not broken, for more than a year many other participants of various programs and I have been studying the technologies of web-design in the Centre of Free Access to the Internet.
    Nowadays I am a member of the Club of American Volunteers' Ivanovo Friends, which exists thanks to Ivanovo department of Russian Peace Foundation. In fact, we (the group of Ivanovo youth and people from the American state of Virginia who hold the same views) are engaged in charity helping those who need our support, i.e. we build and repair the objects which are socially important (orphanages, medical institutions, centers of the inhabitants' support).
   You can get more information here.