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Nickolai Smirnov -

The lead of the hymn recording, the composer and the co-author of verse, the singer, the creator of the site

   Nickolai Smirnov, the organizer of the hymn recording, is greeting You. I am 21. I am a fifth-year student of Ivanovo State Power University. Thanks to my progress in studying and social work, and skills I got in the center of the Internet access, I am a nominalbursar of the company "Slavneft".
   I love music and "Project Harmony" imposes on me, that is why I created the hymn. I like working with people! Every man has something unique inside.
   I am obliged to the trip to the United States in 1996, during which I got new friends and new ideas, for a lot of my achievements. To my mind, if I create something - I live. I am grateful to God for all my creative work.