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Andrey Obrezkov-

The singer
Andrey composed his own version of the song "Project Harmony", which was recorded by Nickolai Smirnov

   My name is Andrey Obrezkov, I am a 38 year old teacher of English at Ivanovo Filiation of the Russian State Fire-service Academy. I've got a family; my wife Helen, who is a school librarian, two sons, Kirill and Daniel, and a nephew named Paul, who lives with us and in fact is our third son. I think that I am a lucky person, because I have a great family, good friends all over the world and mostly because I do what I like to do. Besides I have some occupations that keep influencing my life but my job , namely Esperanto-activities, music (guitar playing), international exchange programs (owing to previous two), computers and martial arts (aiki-jutsu).
   I had an honor and pleasure to deal with the Project in 1996. I was in my last year as a principal assistant of school 21 of Ivanovo and together with another collegue of mine, Natalia Karaoulova, headed the group of high school students in our three week tour to the USA. We spent fourteen unforgettable days in the town of Rutherfordton, North Carolina, hosted by the students and teachers of the local high school, and then we had a fabulous tour along the east coast to Washington D.C. and then to New-York. But we didn't only have rest and did sightseeing there. We gave about twenty performances and presentations at schools, colleges, enterprises, offices telling people about our country and showing our national culture, russian songs and dances, and performing in English as well. During a big concert for the whole town of Rutherfordton we had a special honor to be greeted by congressman Charles Tailor, who handed to us the US National Flag taken from the top of the Capitol. And after that the Congressman invited us to his estate, where he spent the whole day with our group. So, everyone in our delegations had unexpressable emotions and wonderful memories.
    In summer 1996 we in Ivanovo hosted our friends from North Carolina and tried to do our best to accept them as well as we only could. We showed to our friends the sights of our town and of some towns of the famous "Golden Ring" of Russia, such as Souzdal and Plios.
    So, that was our first acqaintance with the Project and we are very grateful to it for that. But a real surprise found us last year, when we had been invited to participate the Project "Harmony" graduates programs and given free access to Internet and a chance to learn Internet technologies. This site of mine became real just owing to this program.