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Olga Shevelyova -

The vocal trener, the singer

   Olga was born on March 1974 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. In 1981 she entered the choral department at the Rybinsk music school #18 (which was later on transformed into the Humanitarian-music culture Center . She took an active part in the tour concert activity of Sokolov`s choir for 5 years. She graduated the school with excellence and decided not to get apart with music.
   In 1997 she headed the release of the Christian music album "You Are My Way and Light". At the same time she was taking the vocal lessons.
    For already 8 years Olga has been heading the musical department of Ivanovo Christian Church. She conducts the concert activity, Christian musicals and performances.
   Invited by Smirnov Nikolai, she started her cooperation with "Project Harmony" in may 2002 ( Olga performed the "Project Harmony" anthem on the exchange program graduation concert). She is deeply interested in new Internet technologies mainly in the field of her professional activity. She hopes for the further cooperation with Project Harmony.
    She is thankful to the God for everything she has.