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Anna Baranova

The co-leader of the recordings, the author of the vocal parts, the singer

Anna is the author and singer at these songs:
New Year

About Love

For me to remember

Don't tell me

   Baranova Anna Arkadievna was born in the family of engineers. Together with her younger sister Katya she studied at the musical school and played at the children's vocal band "A+B", which defined the future professional life. After school she decided to study music at the theoretical faculty of Ivanovo musical secondary school (1986 - 1990), and at the same time she studied the basics of arrangement, composition and vocal.
   After the year of working in the children musical school she entered the Moscow Academy of Culture.
    In 1994 the "Speech" album was issued. It included such singers as Alla Pugacheva ("The Autumn Kiss"), Presnyakov, Sviridova, Orbakayte. The song "For me to remember" was also included into the album; it was performed by duet "Paradise", created and leaded by Anna. After the 3 year of joint activity the singers splited apart, and both of them started the independent careers. Anna worked as a back-vocal singer with different crooners.    Further on she combined the singing with the studio activity as a back vocal and arranger, she took vocal lessons tutored by E.Bazova.
    The solo career was quite successful until her illness appeared. She performed her own songs, and also worked with the other composers.The diagnosis - disseminated sclerosis - was made in 1999 in Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Neurology (since she lived in Moscow until 2002). The treatment in the Institute brought the temporary relief.
    As a result of permanently progressing case, she was forced to leave the concert activities. Nevertheless, supported by her friends in the Christian center, she participated in preparations of performances for Christmas and Easter, where her new songs were debuted.
    During this year and half the firm and close relations with the fellows from Christian center were developed. She connects her creative inspiration, embodied in her songs, with her advent to the God.
   Her acquaintance with "Project Harmony" happened thanks to Smirnov Nikolay, whom she had an opportunity to work with on the Easter performance "Doubting Thomas". For the present "The Project Harmony Anthem" is being finished. She performs as a back vocal author and conducts the leadership over the creative process, including soundtrack recording. She plans the future professional development in the field of contemporary spiritual music.
   She is heartily grateful to God for the given inspiration and for the songs she created. "I am just a performer. I wrote the music as if I have been dictated", - Anna says about her music, - "and let the God lead me". She has plenty of ideas for her creative activity and firm plans for the good and stable family. "I trust in God. I hope for the further co-operation with "Project Harmony" as it is of a great interest for me".