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Music: N.Smirnov
Translator: M. Mayakina

1. Blazing stroke of destiny
Got us all to alumni
Our protracted way abroad
Was not dream and was not fraud.
Minnesota, Alabama,
Carolina, Michigan,
Oklahoma, Indiana
Welcomed gladly everyone.
Thanks to the United States
You and me are bosom friends
Project Harmony for us
Opens quite a novel chance.
We grew fond of Internet
Web-design now comprehend
Let's together heights and knowledge conjugate.

R.: Project Harmony
United us.
Project Harmony
Presented us a chance.
Project Harmony
And this is true ,
It gave a chance to each of you.
Project Harmony
United us.
Project Harmony
Presented us a chance
Project Harmony
To make progress
We do believe in our success.



2. Always trying to incite
And inspiring at times
Project Harmony developed gifts in us.
Never being at a loss
It associated us
To improve the life in our homeland.

3. International web-net
Offers vistas in prospect
We are striding to new stage
Hi, a man of a new age.
In the union of friends
We acquire new concepts
And we always know that here they wait for us.