Ivanovo Center of free Internet access is glad to call Your attention to the hymn "Project Harmony".
    The music of the hymn was created by Nickolay Smirnov (SLP 1996) after alumnis' Christmas meeting. Thanks to the fruitful union with Alla Berendeeva (BFR 1997) the words of the hymn appeared. In order that people in other countries could sing and enjoy this song, too, Marina Mayakina (SLP 1996) took the author of the literary translation of the hymn's part.
     The exhausting but pleasant work of the performers - Olga Shevelyova, Anna Baranova, Stanislav Miroshnic and Andrei Obrezkov - preceded the final result.
     We are grateful for help and support to "Project Harmony" and especially to alumni-coordinator Larisa Kosterina and central regional coordinator Leonid Klyuyev, who revealed a very special consideration for us.
     Thank You!!!

Authors and singers.


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